NextGear Marketing was created to help businesses maximize their online presence through dynamic web content, customized blogs and other powerful web marketing strategies. If you want to reach the next gear and take your business into overdrive, NextGear Marketing can help.

Almost all businesses have websites now. They are vital to help bring in new customers. If you don’t have a website, you are already way behind the competition. However, just putting up a website and letting it sit there is not an effective strategy either. You need dynamic content to keep moving up in the search engine rankings. The more content you have, the better chance a customer has of finding you through web searches. In addition, continually adding content with positive messages about your shop or helpful consumer information improves your online reputation. You can’t control bad reviews that might get posted on Yelp! or other review sites/apps. However, if you flood the market with your own fresh content that has a positive spin, it helps drown out any negativity that may be out there.

The NextGear Marketing approach centers around regular blog posts on a variety of subjects relating to your industry and your business specifically. We see so many business owners out there that build a nice website and may even have the best intentions by starting a blog page. They post a couple of times and then the priorities of day-to-day business take over. Slowly but surely, it becomes less of a priority and the blog essentially goes to waste. And yes, if you have a blog page that only has three posts on it from two years ago, it is doing you more harm than good.

NextGear Marketing was created by Keith Lindsey, a seasoned marketing professional of nearly 20 years with an expertise in writing and web content. He noticed a need for blogging in many different service industries. After working with some successful business owners and seeing how great the results were, Keith decided to take it a step further by forming NextGear Marketing. One of NextGear’s specialties is in the automotive service industry. However, we work with business owners in a variety of different arenas such as real estate, mortgage, health & lifestyle, financial services, golf courses and construction. Whatever products and services you wish to promote, NextGear Marketing can create a custom blog campaign along with any other marketing materials you may need.

“Having worked with Keith on a number of marketing projects for my shops throughout the years, we sought his help in writing a regular weekly blog on our website, as well as regular online press releases,” says Mario Jauregui, owner of Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA. “Since the blogs and press releases started, we’ve seen incredible growth in our online response. Our organic search numbers continue to rise and we are now attributing over 40% of our business coming from the website!”

Keith oversees all customer accounts personally and different levels of monthly web content packages are available. Contracted writers may help with some content, but he makes sure everything is done to the high standards of NextGear Marketing. To this end, NextGear only works with a select number of clients and will only take on one client per market area. For example, as long as Ralph’s Transmission is a client, NextGear will not accept any other transmission shops in the Modesto region that are in direct competition. It’s important for Keith to provide personalized service and focused results for his valued clients.

Each blog is written uniquely. Some topics may be reused for non-competing businesses in different markets, but each blog is written from scratch to ensure key phrases aren’t overused and the content has minimal overlap with other client posts. At the same time, the blogs can be as customized as you want. In fact, that is encouraged by NextGear Marketing to make your blog as personally engaging as possible. So if you have something special and timely you want to write about, just get Keith the information and a custom post will be written and posted. All blog posts will be linked to your social media pages, as well, which provides added exposure and creates valuable inbound links to your website.

To learn more about NextGear Marketing and the web content packages we provide, contact Keith at 714-348-0642 or through our contact page.