When you sign up for a web content package from NextGear Marketing, it’s easy. For the most part, you can sit back and we’ll handle all the details of coming up with topics, writing custom articles, posting on your blog and then sharing the link on your social media sites.

Ultimately, you can choose to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want throughout the blogging process. If you have topics and ideas you want us to write about, we encourage you to share information and let us know. Just notify us with your idea and any information/links you can provide to help fill in the details. We’ll then write a custom post and it will run as soon as possible (usually the next week, or it can be scheduled out based on the time sensitivity of the article).

Once you are signed up for a NextGear web content package, whether it’s a monthly plan or a discounted 6-month or 12-month pre-paid contract, we will set up an initial consultation call to discuss your goals and gather ideas. In addition, we will email you a basic employee profile questionnaire that you can choose to use or not. At NextGear, we love doing blog posts featuring employees at the shops we represent. You can have all your employees fill out this questionnaire or just a select few. We’ll keep them on file and post employee profile blogs as needed. Should an employee that gets profiled later move onto another job, just let NextGear know and we’ll go back and delete that blog post from your site.

There are any number of different topics you may want us to write about.

  • Customer tips
  • Service/product specials and deals
  • Customer testimonials and case studies
  • Employee profiles
  • Information about specific services/warranties offered
  • Training events and certifications
  • Industry conferences attended
  • Media exposure and awards

If you don’t have any specific ideas for blog posts, do not worry. NextGear has you covered. We have a huge master list of topics. We will custom-write articles that tie into your shop’s services, branding message and keywords for search engine optimization. We will regularly search your website and other public review sites for positive reviews, and we will write customer satisfaction stories based on even the shortest of quotes. There really is no end to what we can write about!

Of course, NextGear Marketing’s blog writing services are contingent upon you already having a website with blogging capabilities. We are not a web development or hosting company. We can help you get set up with a basic and free templated blog page through any number of services online (for a one-time set-up fee). Or, we have referral partnerships with web development companies who specialize in various industries. We can put you in contact with them to build a powerful new website for your shop.

You’ll notice that our web content packages come with other services in addition to the blogging. First, is social media integration. We do not manage your whole social media campaign, but we will make sure every blog post’s link is shared on your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. We also offer a monthly press release in our Advanced Package. We’ll discuss topics with you each month and prepare custom press releases, which are generally written with a different spin than a typical blog post. We’ll coordinate the posting of the release on whatever online PR source you want to use. However, please note that those sites will charge you for distribution. NextGear is only writing and coordinating the press release, but you have to pay for the online distribution yourself.

Lastly, our Standard and Advanced Packages also offer regular Online Reputation Reports. You will receive periodic email reports from NextGear noting any positive or negative comments or reviews that have been posted online. We search your site, various public review sites/apps such as Yelp!, and social media. We’ll list out what we find and where each comment was made. We then recommend to you that you follow up with each and every person (assuming they are identifiable). Whether their feedback is good or bad, there is a lot of value in reaching out to anyone who has made comments about your shop. It’s great for your own customer relation management strategy.

If you have questions about NextGear Marketing’s blogging services and web content packages for your business, please call Keith Lindsey at 714.348.0642 or connect through our contact page.