Business Blogging Basics: Quality vs. Quantity

It’s a good debate in the blogging industry. Is it more important to have lots of content compared to something that is well-written?

The answer is actually quite simple: you need both quality and quantity in your blog content.


First, let’s consider the quantity. Usually, I like to stick around 300-600 words in the blog articles I write for my clients. You want to have a reasonable amount of length, which adds credibility and helps incorporate more ideas, information and insight. At the same time, you don’t want it to drone on for too long. If you have a topic that requires a lot of content, you may be better off breaking it up into multiple articles.


That brings me to my second point on quantity. And that is the frequency in which you post articles. Having blog articles posted on a regular basis will give you ample quantity over time and allow you to cover a wider variety of topics. Plus, the addition of new content on your site regularly (aka “Dynamic Web Content”) is also good for SEO. You’re better off posting 1-2 shorter articles every week than posting one long article every other week.

So, how often should you post? I usually recommend a blog article at least once a week or twice a week if you want to be really aggressive. Large corporations may opt to do three or more articles per week (perhaps even daily), but most small businesses don’t need to get that crazy.

However often you post, you want to have plenty of quantity on your blog.


Next, let’s consider the quality of the content. This is equally as important, especially as search engines and SEO algorithms get more and more sophisticated. Unique content is the first thing to note. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: copying and pasting content from other online sources is always a no-no!

Beyond that, your content needs to be well-written. Obviously, it needs to be grammatically correct. Proofread for typographical errors, avoid run-on sentences and make sure the content flows well.

SEO Strategy

Next, it needs to be written strategically for SEO appeal. Incorporate keywords and key phrases, and also craft compelling titles that incorporate your focus keywords. There is a skill to working in a lot of keywords without it sounding overly repetitive. A lot of SEO elements might be good for search engines, nobody will ever want to read an article that just awkwardly repeats a bunch of keywords.

Customer Engagement

With that in mind, it is important that you make your content engaging. It should capture the reader’s attention and keep them interested enough to read the entire article. The best SEO practices might draw a lot of readers, but the article itself must be appealing for them to have the consumer response you desire. You’ll definitely want to incorporate calls-to-action, as well.

In a nutshell, quantity, frequency and strategy all will impact the SEO. They will drive more traffic to your blog. Then, the quality of the content will be vital in customer conversion. So, yes. Quality and quantity are both equally important for your business blog.

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