Setting Up a Private Blog for Internal Communication

Most companies tend to think of their blogs as only an external communication tool. Of course, this is the primary use. You can build up your organic SEO with fresh, searchable content while also engaging your regular followers who visit your site and find your blog links through social media.

Set up a Private Internal Blog

You can also set up a private blog that only your employees have access to. So many organizations are using technology more than ever to keep people connected. Many office workers are still working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Even when this is all said and done, the amount of employees working remotely will continue to rise. Technology is only getting more advanced and it just makes sense depending on your business structure.

However, one of the biggest challenges of having more employees working outside the office is communication. You still have agendas, tasks and initiatives that need to happen. You can send out emails and have your weekly Zoom conference calls. You can also set up a private blog page that everyone in your company has access to. By “private” I mean it’s not publicly published. Your employees would need a special link (and probably a password) to access it.

What to Blog About

Even though it is a private blog, you still probably don’t want to publish any information that is too sensitive. It is the internet after all. Still, it’s a great way to share information and stay connected. Keep the comments turned on and create some forum discussions. Share fun stories and tips or keep it focused on only serious corporate information. It’s up to you what you want to post. The idea is to have another way to keep your team engaged, which is more powerful than ever while so many of us feel a little “disconnected” from each other right now.

If you have an internal blog and need help with your content approach, let me know. I will be happy to help!