How to Utilize Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Keywords and key phrases are trickier than you think. There really is an art to working them into blog articles. And remember, it’s not just the wording in the article that will make an impact. You also have the back-end SEO tags that can do a lot for you.

Let’s take a look at some strategies to follow in order to better utilize keywords and key phrases in your business blog posts.

1. Readability Comes First

Let’s face it. Some company’s blog articles are unreadable. They cram in so many key words and awkwardly repeated or rearranged phrases. All those keywords may help with SEO, which may get readers to find and click on the articles. However, readers will be quickly turned off. Just because you have a shiny lure, it doesn’t mean the fish will bite. SEO is only half the battle, so make sure your articles have a good flow and will keep the readers engaged, while at the same time subtly working in those keywords and key phrases.

2. Stay on Target

Sure, you have a lot to say and you have a lot of keywords you want to implement into every single article. Again, don’t overdo it. There may be a handful of “general” keywords that you either work into every article or include as tags. That’s fine. Otherwise, use your blogs to incorporate more targeted keywords and phrases relating to the article at hand. Remember your blog has a cumulative effect on your overall SEO, so the more blogs you write the more keyword ground you’ll cover. At the same time, keeping each article targeted on specific messages will boost organic search results (if someone is searching for that particular subject) and the targeted articles will boost credibility.

3. Use Tags, Titles and Meta Descriptions to Your Advantage

Beyond just the article itself, all blog writing programs allow you to customize the titles, keyword tags, meta descriptions, URLs, article categories, etc. Most of this is back-end stuff the site visitor will never see, so it gives you a lot of opportunity to maximize each article’s SEO appeal. Still, try to stay on target while incorporating a handful of general keywords that you use in every article (company name, geographic references, primary service/products, etc.).

When it comes to writing your business blogs and incorporating keywords and key phrases, remember these strategies. Find the right balance between the front-end elements (titles and article text) and back-end elements (keyword tags, etc.), and you will have a more successful blog. Ultimately, the goal is to first attract more readers (SEO) and then convert the readers with compelling articles.

To learn more about blogging for your business, contact NextGear Marketing today. Let us show you how to get more out of your business blog.

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