Increase Your Organic SEO with Blogging

There are numerous benefits of having a business blog. You can engage more customers with interesting content. You can generate good response with captivating calls to action. You can promote your business and share information with people, whether they are existing customers or new site visitors.

However, there is no bigger benefit to having a blog for your business than what it can do for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to increase your website’s organic SEO appeal, then having a regular blog is one of the absolute best ways to do it. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Fresh Content

Having a blog will help keep your web content from going stagnant because you are always adding fresh information, news and insights in the form of blog articles. As long as you are posting often and regularly (once a week is a great goal to aim for), you will definitely see the organic SEO benefits of your blog over time.

2. Relevant Content

A blog allows you to talk about a number of different topics related to your business or customer interests. You can get detailed and specific within each blog article. Cumulatively, you will be able to cover so many different topics without it ever feeling like too much information.

3. Timing

If you took a year’s worth of blog articles and posted them all on your site at one time, you would surely see a quick boost in your SEO. However, it would eventually dwindle if no new content is added. Regularly scheduled blog posts allow you to space out your new content and make sure there is always something fresh on your site. This not only gives followers a reason to keep coming back, but it is better for SEO.

4. Keywords and Tags

Your blog will allow you to include keywords, key phrases, descriptions and tags that can be as targeted as you want. I recommend a “base” of universal tags that you would put in every article you post (geographic references and words/phrases relating to your most common products or services). Then, on top of those you’ll want to add article-specific tags that speak directly to the content and concepts within that article. This will maximize your SEO results for each article you post. The cumulative impact of all these tagged posts is even more powerful, as well.

5. Image Searches

Even if you use only stock photography in your blogs, change the image file names and image descriptions to include your business name and the service/product/topic you are writing about in the blog it is being used with. Images are directly searchable, and they can be another way that someone finds your site organically.

6. Social Media Integration

Link to your social media pages within your blog and then share links to your blog articles on all your social media pages. This addition of inbound and outbound links will really help your organic SEO.

7. Internal and External Links

In addition to social media, you’ll want to include several internal links (links to other pages on your website or other blog articles) and even 1-2 external links (links to outside sources relevant to the topic being discussed).

If you utilize these strategies in your business blog, your organic SEO appeal will continue to grow over time. A blog won’t replace any pay-per-click or paid SEO-boosting you may already be doing. However, when it’s all done in harmony, the results can be truly amazing.

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