Integrating Your Blog with Social Media

If you have a blog and are consistently posting on it, good for you. You will see a difference in your online presence simply from having dynamic content added on a regular basis. However, there are other ways to boost your blog’s reach. Namely, through integration on social media.

In essence, most social media platforms are free marketing opportunities for your business. Sure, you can spend money to run ads and promote posts. Those can be effective strategies to really grow your exposure. However, if you have a decent following on any of your social media pages, you need to be sharing links to each blog post to maximize the readership.

Many of today’s blog sites or blog pages built into standardized website themes will have settings that enable you to share each blog post automatically. You can set a link to be shared on any social media page you have for your business. Even if automatic sharing is not a feature on your particular blog, it’s still really easy to copy and paste the links to your blog posts. Typically, you’ll want to use the “shortened” URL address, which is usually easy to find once any blog post is live. The shortened link is particularly helpful on social media services like Twitter, where you have limitations on the amount of characters you can use.

Also, make sure every blog post link on your social media is accompanied by a picture. That starts with having at least one picture in the blog article itself. With most automated sharing features, the featured image will generally come through. If not, it’s quite simple to add a photo on any social media post.

If you can tap into social media, you’ll really see an impact in your marketing exposure—especially with today’s tech-savvy consumers. Most younger people (“millennials” if you prefer) digest almost all their news, marketing and social networking through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. If you can build up a strong presence on any or all of these social media, the results can be amazing!

At NextGear Marketing, we believe in the power of blogging and we know the exposure can be exponentially bigger the more you integrate your blog posts onto social media. It’s easy to do and it’s worth a little extra effort.

For more information about blogging and social media integration for your small business, contact NextGear Marketing for a complimentary consultation.

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