Is Your Web Content Stagnant?

We see it all the time. Someone puts up a nice website for their business. The design is nice and mobile-friendly. The initial content is good. The SEO elements are good enough to help them rise up the search rankings, at least for awhile.

Then, their SEO rankings start to recede and site traffic diminishes. They built a good site, but they wonder why the results aren’t as good as before. It’s usually a case of the content going stagnant.

Inactivity Leads to Natural Regression

Think of it like a rain storm that leaves some puddles behind in your yard. Then, the weather goes back to normal and the puddles go away quickly. That storm is your initial surge of good web content generating some good SEO results. However, if you do nothing else after that, your rankings will dissipate just like those temporary puddles.

Not only is it good to establish a strong web content presence from the start, but you continually have to build up on it. Look for opportunities to update your current content on a regular basis and make a concerted effort to add content as often as possible.

Fresh Content Strategies

Sure, you can add to existing pages and create new pages on the site to generate more content. This will be a beneficial practice as long as you have your site. You have to be careful, though, that you don’t make the pages on your site too overloaded with content. Even though more content is nice, you don’t want to make it overly intimidating for visitors. If it looks like way to much to read or the navigation is super complex, it will turn them off.

A great way to add dynamic content regularly is to have a blog that is hosted on your website. Again, you have to be proactive and keep up with the blog. When done right, it will provide fresh, quality content added on a frequent basis. You can have articles on a wide variety of topics relating to your business, which enables you to incorporate more targeted SEO tags, keywords and key phrases. Last but not least, make sure the blog content is unique to your site. (Next week, we will share the secrets to repurposing existing online articles for use on your blog).

Use Content to Your Advantage

When you can add and update content regularly throughout your site, you will see a natural increase in SEO appeal and organic web traffic. The amount of fresh content, as well as the quality of it, will make your website more effective.

For a complimentary review of your current web content or to discuss blogging options for your business, contact NextGear Marketing today.

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