What is Dynamic Web Content?

Every business today needs a good online presence. Many automotive shops grow through positive word of mouth, but think about it. What is the biggest mouth out there right now? Yes, it’s the Internet and social media. These are how today’s consumers share information, reviews and recommendations with one another.

The mistake many shop owners (and business owners of all types) make is thinking that all they have to do is put up a website and the business will come. This approach will never work. First, the website needs to be integrated with search keywords and meta tags. These are the foundations for effective search engine optimization (SEO). Today’s websites need to be mobile-friendly, as well. This means the site needs to be easily viewable on different mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) along with traditional computer web browsers. In addition, quality branding goes a long way toward building a strong reputation. In other words, you want your site to look good.

Even the best-looking websites with excellent keyword integration will only get you so far. You cannot simply put up a website that never changes and expect to get business from it. One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is by having new content added as often as possible. This is otherwise known as dynamic web content.

One of the best ways to add dynamic content is by having a blog. Make an effort to post as often as you can, ideally at least once a week. So many business owners start a blog with the best intentions, only to post a couple of times and then forget about it. You can post about anything relating to your business. Shop news, training events, product reviews, employee profiles, service features, deals, warranty information, and customer stories/testimonials are just a few good ideas to consider. They can be as long or as short as you want, but generally 300-500 words is recommended.

Whether you choose to hire NextGear Marketing to handle your blogging or you do it on your own, it’s vital to have dynamic web content added to your site on a regular basis. You also want to share each blog link on every social media page you own. Not only is it a great way to disperse the information to your fans and loyal customers. Posting on social media also creates more inbound and outbound links to your site, which helps with SEO.

To learn more about how dynamic web content and regular blogging can help your automotive shop grow, contact Keith Lindsey of NextGear Marketing at 714.348.0642.

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