Giving Thanks

I didn’t have time to write an article last week as I was preparing for the long Thanksgiving weekend and making sure all my clients’ blogs were written and posted for the week. However, the week did give me some time to reflect on 2017 and be grateful for what has ultimately been a fairly successful first full year in business.

I officially started NextGear Marketing back in 2016 and growth has been steady. Sure, there have been some challenges and I would like to grow my client list even more (referrals are always welcome, by the way). However, I know it takes time to build up a small business.

It is the time of year to be thankful to all my clients and those who have helped me get NextGear Marketing off the ground. I really appreciate your business and support, and I feel like it’s a win-win situation. You get custom, professional blog and content marketing services at a much lower price than you would from a larger marketing/SEO company. I get to afford food, shelter and the occasional round of golf when I have the free time. Everybody comes out happy!

It’s no secret that I do all the work myself for each of my valued clients. I don’t foresee ever growing the company so big that this is not the case. I tend to be a bit of a control freak and I want to make sure the job is done right. I always want to be here, making sure my clients are taken care of.

That being said, I am ready, willing and eager to take on more clients in 2018. The systems are in place and things are humming along. If you need blogs or any custom web content written, I’m your guy! We can set up a NextGear Marketing monthly content package to meet your specific needs. Most clients opt for the standard package that includes one blog post a week, though a few of my more aggressive clients have upgraded to a two-a-week plan. Of course, if you want to stay super conservative and inexpensive, we can work out blog plans that only post once or twice a month. Whatever you need, let me know.

Contact me at NextGear Marketing or call me at (714) 348-0642 to discuss your content marketing needs or to sign up for a blog package.

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