How to Market Your Automotive Shop, Part 2

Last week, we explored some of the more modern approaches to marketing for automotive shops. In today’s digital world, you absolutely need to have an online presence, dynamic web content and activity on social media. If not, your shop will quickly fall behind the times and become less relevant.

However, there are still plenty of “old school” methods that you can utilize in your marketing campaign. These are tried and true marketing strategies that are as valid now as they were in the past. The most successful shops are employing both new school and old school ideas in a prudent mix, which helps attract a wider audience across all the different platforms.

Here, we will discuss some of these more traditional marketing concepts that you can use to promote your automotive shop.


In all marketing that you do, consistent branding is vital. We’re talking about a nice logo and a slogan. We’re talking about a consistent brand message. If you want to be know as the friendly neighborhood family shop, center your marketing around that message. If you want to known as the modern, big shop in town, run with that concept. You can always work in other selling points and messages, but keep the central identity consistent throughout all forms of marketing.


Make sure your logo and brand “look” is shown throughout any print materials that are seen by customers and other vendors. Examples include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note pads, invoices, receipts, work orders, etc.


Having a handout piece that you can give customers and vendors is a great idea. Tell the story and history of your shop. Share some of the key selling points that help make your shop different from others in town. Talk about the owners and workers to show the personality of the shop through its people. Use nice imagery, good branding and colorful graphics to catch the reader’s attention.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can still be very effective. These are flyers and postcards sent out to prospective customers in your area. Perhaps they offer a discount or promote specific shop services. It can make a difference to have a tangible piece of marketing that a person can receive, hold in their hands and possibly keep.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, bus benches and good signage can be very impactful. People are commuting across town in their cars, seeing your brand and key marketing messages to promote your shop. It’s a daily reminder of your local presence and if someone’s car happens to break down, the association between that person’s car and your shop is there in the back of his or her mind.

Print Advertising

Local magazines, newspapers and Yellow Pages are somewhat outdated in today’s society, where so much information is consumed online. However, these periodicals still exist and that means there are still plenty of consumers out there who prefer something printed they can hold in their hands. Look for opportunities to advertise in these publications (especially if the older generation is a primary source of business at your shop), but be warned that print advertising can still be very expensive. Make sure it fits in your budget. Otherwise, you may be able to get better bang for your buck elsewhere.

We hope you find this article helpful and informational. The point is, there are so many different methods—both new school and old school—that you can use to market your shop. The trick is finding the right balance for your budget. For more information or to set up a free marketing consultation, contact NextGear Marketing today.