What Are Community Pages?

Last week, we discussed the advantages of setting call-to-action-oriented landing pages to attract new customers and gather contact information for future use. We briefly mentioned the concept of “community” pages, which are a little different in purpose. This week, we want to explore the ins and outs of community-specific landing pages.

So, What is a Community Page?

Like a landing page, it is a singular page that is not necessarily part of your main site’s navigation. It’s purpose, however, is primarily for SEO more than it is about inducing a specific action from the visitor.

A community page highlights a specific product or service that you offer, while simultaneously including keywords and searchable information about each specific community you serve. Community pages are best utilized by a business that is regionally focused.

A Real-Life Scenario

For example, NextGear Marketing is based in Orange County, CA. We actually work with clients all over North America, but for the sake of argument let’s say we wanted to create a targeted community page campaign to attract more local business. And let’s say we want to promote our blogging services for small businesses.

Orange County is a big place and there are many cities here. We can’t include all of them in SEO tags, page titles and content keywords throughout our typical web pages and blog posts. That would be too cumbersome. Therefore, we can create multiple landing pages to promote our blogging services in the various communities/cities of Orange County.

Ultimately, there could be dozens of pages. One for Santa Ana, one for Irvine, Orange, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Anaheim, San Clemente… you get the idea. Each one will highlight some aspects of the city (landmarks, major businesses, district names, schools, etc.) and why it’s great to do business there. Then, we would talk about the features of NextGear Marketing’s blog packages and why they would benefit a small business in that particular community.

Now, you have a page that has very strong and very targeted SEO geared toward NextGear Marketing’s blog services relating to a specific city, not just Orange County, Southern California or North America in general. You can see how this might have a powerful impact if a business owner from that city is looking for localized information about blogging. They have a much better chance of finding NextGear Marketing’s targeted landing page, and when they do they’ll find someone that appeals to their own local focus.

Strategies for Community Pages

It’s important to remember that each community page has different verbiage. Many of the selling points can be the same and the overall tone should be consistent, but you absolutely need to mix up the wording. In addition, incorporate some localized imagery relating to the community being featured. Each page needs to have unique content or you will lose significant SEO potential. It can be a tedious job, but it is well worth it in the end.

There should be strong calls-to-action incorporated into the content and internal links to other pages on your website for more information about different topics. Direct sales can come from a good community landing page. Just remember that SEO is the primary goal with them.

NextGear Marketing offers good package pricing for writing the content of community landing pages. You should talk with your web developer about what it will take to set up the individual pages with a unique subdomain or URL pattern that won’t interfere with your normal site navigation.

To discuss the potential of custom community landing pages further, contact NextGear Marketing today for a free marketing consultation.