Marketing Activities During a Slow Period

Well, we’re on a “stay at home” lockdown here in California. At least that’s the theory, but it sure seems like many people and businesses are still doing what they want to do until the restrictions get clearer and tougher.

I guess it’s a pretty good time to be someone who works from home. However, as my clients are affected by coronavirus concerns, so will my business. Right now, it’s survival mode for many small businesses as we all hope things get back to “normal” sooner than later.

The good news is there are some things you can do on a marketing front amidst this craziness—and many of these marketing activities are good ideas during any slow period in your business. Perhaps you are in a seasonal market or you just naturally have ups and downs throughout the year.

Here are a few things you can be doing:

Developing, Reviewing and Revising Your Marketing Plan

When things slow down, it’s a good time to take a deeper look at your business. From a marketing perspective, you can use this time to develop a marketing plan if you didn’t have one laid out before. Or, if you do have one in motion, you can use a slow period to review and revise it. This way, you are better positioned when business picks back up.

Work on Your Website

Now is definitely an opportune time to work on your website. I have multiple clients who just happen to be in the midst of developing new sites, so the timing kind of works out to focus on that, get it launched and start populating it with good SEO content. Or, you can take this time to go through your website and make much-needed updates.

Keep Your Blog Going

This can be hard to do with so many distractions going on, but it is still good content that will continue to help your organic SEO appeal. You have the choice if you want to write about more current events and topics that are relevant right now. Or, you can keep writing “evergreen” content that will be searchable no matter what’s happening in the market. With the coronavirus, it’s probably a good idea to address it in at least one blog post (how it may be affecting your business and your clients, safety precautions being taken, etc.). You may shift directions temporarily and then get back to normal posts. How you mix them up is ultimately up to you.

Stay Engaged with Customers

Keep your customers engaged and updated through social media, your blog, letters, emails and phone calls. Let them know what’s happening with your business and assure them that you are there to help in whatever ways possible. People are filled with anxiety right now, so providing a calming or reassuring presence will really help build your value in their mind.

Look for Ways to Be Proactive and Productive

If you are quarantined at home or business is slow, use the time to find productive activities that will help you. It’s better to be proactive than sit around bored and depressed during times like this.

I think we’re all a little lost and confused right now, but we’ll all get through this together and hopefully come out the other side with a better appreciation for the good things in our lives and businesses.