How to Blog About Your Specialties

If you have a specialized service or product that appeals to a very targeted group of customers, then you probably already have some understanding of niche marketing. In other words, your marketing efforts need to be targeted to reach the specific people who will be most likely to buy your product or service.

Specialized Blog Posts

Your blog is a great tool to reach targeted audiences who may be searching for information about a specific topic or interested in a specific product/service that you are offering. In this article, we will look at some ways to use a targeted blog post to your advantage.

First, remember that not all your blog posts have to be targeted to such a niche market unless that is your primary audience to begin with. In that case, you have to go full force with a niche approach in every piece of marketing you put out there.

Many businesses, however, might have one or more very specialized products or services (as part of a larger suite of products/services) that they want/need to promote from time to time. Therefore, the weekly blog posts may cover a wider variety of topics to appeal to a wider range of potential customers. Then, it makes sense to a very targeted post every so often specifically for your niche product/service.

Remember Your Targets

For example, I work with a lot of automotive repair shops, so you will see an auto-shop-specific blog post every once in awhile on this site. However, it’s not my only audience, so I can’t do every article for that niche market.

But let’s say you have an auto shop and you have a specialty service you offer. Perhaps you are really well known for custom exhaust designs and installations. Once every couple months, it really makes sense to do a blog post centered around that subject. Click here┬áto see exactly such an article I wrote for one of my blog clients. You can highlight jobs you’ve done, walk the reader through the custom exhaust installation process, showcase client testimonials, write aftermarket exhaust product reviews or talk about specific exhaust components and what they do. There is no limit to the type of specialized articles you can write on any given subject.

The Advantages of Specialized Blog Posts

What this accomplishes is that someone out there searching for information on this kind of specialized product or service is more likely to find your blog. You will have multiple specialty articles tagged and optimized for SEO with very targeted qualities. This person may not be interested in all in your other general topic articles, but they will find what they are looking for and you will build strong value in their minds.

So, if you have a specialized product or service that appeals to a specific niche audience, take advantage of that with an occasional blog post centered around that topic. It is an effective strategy that will enhance your overall approach to business blogging.

Hopefully this article makes sense, but if you have any questions email me at I’d love to hear your feedback!