It’s Time to Get Personal

We see it all the time. One big mistake many business bloggers make is being too general with their posts. Sure, you want to provide accurate and useful information. And, you definitely want the copy to include important key words and phrases to help with SEO. However, the more you can relate the article to your business, the better.

Let’s say you are writing what we would consider an “informational” blog article. You’re in the automotive repair industry and you put up a post about radiators. You include maintenance tips, problems to look out for and a layman’s explanation of how the key parts of radiators work.

It seems like pretty straightforward stuff about car parts. However, you can find similar articles all over the Internet. How can you make yours stand out? That’s where personalization can make a huge difference.

Frame the article from your shop’s/mechanic’s perspective. Talk about common problems that you see and why you want to share this information with consumers. Give real-life examples of customers who came in with a radiator problem. Tell them how you diagnosed the issues and how you made repairs or replaced parts to fix their radiator. Maybe even include a testimonial quote from that customer if they provided on at the end of the job.

You can also frame the article from the perspective of the average customer. Try to relate to their way of thinking. They are out on the road. The engine starts to overheat. Tap into that feeling of someone who realizes they may have a problem with their radiator. Show them common problems they can look for (low fluid, leaks, fan malfunctions). Then, talk about how they should take it to an expert for a proper diagnosis. Odds are, if you tell this story right, your shop will be the expert they turn to.

In other words, don’t just spout off information like you’re writing an encyclopedia. Tell stories, tap into the mindset of the average consumer who doesn’t understand that much about cars, and show how your shop deals with whatever specific service issues you are writing about. If you can do this, your blog posts will be that much more effective.

No matter how personal, we at NextGear Marketing recommend these “informational” style blog posts about every third or fourth article. The rest should be even more personal for your shop. Customer stories and testimonials, shop news, employee profiles, workshops/conferences attended, etc.—these are the best ways to connect with potential new customers while also enhancing your own brand message. Informational articles are great for SEO and should definitely be peppered in. It’s all about finding the right mix.

Regardless of what you are writing about, personalize it however you can.

For more information about blogging and what types of articles you can write to promote your business, contact NextGear Marketing today.