How to Write a Great Customer Testimonial Blog Post

In today’s social media driven society, it’s more important than ever to share positive customer stories. So many consumers rely on sites/apps like Yelp! and word of mouth from their friends and family on Facebook and other social media. Hearing good things from other people about a particular company is ultimately a huge factor in deciding where to take their business.

This is especially true in the automotive industry. Consumers naturally have a distrust for those in our business. Pushy dealership salespeople turn them off, and they are trained not to trust mechanics because of horror stories they may have heard over the years. From the start, if you are promoting your automotive repair shop, you are fighting an uphill battle because of a negative industry image.

So, when people hear positive comments about an automotive repair shop, they feel better about taking their car there. It’s a simple philosophy.

One of the best posts you can do on your blog is to share positive stories about your customers. It starts by gathering testimonials. Have them fill out a survey after their service is complete. You can do this with automated emails that are sent out or you can give them a sheet to fill out while at the shop.

Next, have a dedicated page on your website where all the testimonials are displayed. This is a good way to continually add fresh content to your site and also it promotes a positive message. What someone else says about your business is infinitely more valuable than what you say about yourself in your marketing pieces.

Last but not least, take the best testimonials and expand them into a full blog article. Break up the quote within the story and then tell their full story. Include details about the services you provided them and walk the reader through the repair process. These details and specific repair services are great for SEO. The more detailed and specific, the better.

If you can get a photo with the customer after the work is complete, that is an added bonus. If you have a customer you are certain will write a great review, do what you can to take a photo with them (either by their repaired car or with the shop manager/service rep who helped them). Obviously, be sure and get their permission and let them know their photo may appear on your website, blog and social media. Some customers may be wary of this, but most people these days love having their pictures shared online. That’s what social media is all about!

By sharing positive testimonials from clients and writing effective blog posts about people you have served, it will be great content for your site. Most importantly, it’s positive content to build your online reputation and make other potential consumers feel good about your business.

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