How to Write a Good Employee Profile Blog

Most business owners think their blog needs to just be informational in order to sell their specific services or promote how well they treat their customers. Indeed, those types of articles should make up the majority of your blog posts (just remember to personalize them as much as you can and include customer testimonials). However, you will also want to periodically include blogs about life around your company.

What we want to focus on here is how to present a good employee profile. These blog posts can generally come in two forms. First, is a new hire. Second, is an existing employee that is integral to your business’s success.

For a new hire blog post, it’s pretty simple. You’ll want to present it as an announcement. “Mechanic Joe Smith Joins the Team at Ferguson Automotive.” Talk about how excited you are for this new person to join your company and what their role will be.

An existing employee profile may be even more straightforward. “Ferguson Automotive Employee Profile: Mike Jones, Head Diagnostician.” (Blog Secret: always try and get your business’s name in the headline.) Again, talk about this person’s role within the company and how long they have worked there.

With either type of employee profile, there are certain key points that you will want to include:

  1. Title and Job Description – Telling readers what this employee does and providing details of key duties can be a subtle way of including keywords into your article.
  2. Photo – Provide a nice headshot or a picture of them “in action” at their work station.
  3. Experience – Talk about the employee’s educational background (industry training, college, special designations, etc.) and previous work experience. This is not a resume, though, so keep the tone light and sometimes a little vague.
  4. Personal Background – Share how long they’ve lived in your area, where they grew up, etc.
  5. Personal Interests – Talk about their life outside of work. Do they have a spouse? Kids? Grandkids? What are their personal interests and hobbies?

When it comes to an employee profile, make sure your employee is okay with sharing all this personal information online. You may even want to get an agreement in writing and assure them that you’ll remove the blog post if they ever leave the company. When it comes to things like family information, you don’t necessarily need to mention names of spouses and children. Make general references to family members. In other words, you don’t need to go TOO PERSONAL. Keep the information simple and friendly in tone and you’ll have a good employee profile blog.

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