Are You Reactive or Proactive When it Comes to Your Marketing?

How many times does this happen? A seemingly minor issue comes up at work or in home life and you just don’t want to deal with it right away. You put it off to the side and before long, it festers into a much bigger problem than it would have been if you just addressed it head-on at the beginning. We’ve all been there!

Marketing is one area of business where it rarely pays to be a procrastinator. If all your marketing moves are reactive rather than proactive, you simply won’t be as successful as you could be.

Don’t Be Reactive

By reactive, I mean waiting for marketing opportunities to come to you or acting later than you should to execute a certain strategy. An example of that may be watching a competitor being really successful with a specific marketing effort. Maybe it’s a blog, social media campaign, print advertisement, billboard or whatever. You see what they do and then try to copy it. You showed up to the party late and you brought the same dip that someone else brought hours ago. That approach won’t get you as far as you want.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should ignore what your competitors are doing and not implement effective strategies. Look for ways to build on an idea or improve upon the approach. Make it yours and do whatever you can to make it as successful as it can be, not just a copycat plan.

There are times when you do need to be reactive. You may be late to the party, but what can you bring that will allow you to stand apart from the crowd?

Be Proactive

Otherwise, it always pays to take a proactive approach to marketing. Seek out opportunities to get your business name and brand out there in the marketplace. Stay on top of technology, social media and other advertising avenues and make an effort to stay ahead of your competition. When you find more efficient and effective methods of reaching your target audience with strong marketing messages, you will see a major difference.

Being proactive is a mindset that you must have as an entrepreneur. Think ahead and act accordingly. Take steps to forge your own success instead of waiting and hoping that good things will come your way.

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