How to Write a Meaningful “About Us” Page on Your Website

No matter what kind of business you have, it is vital that consumers have an understanding about what you do or what you sell. However, what is often overlooked by many is the need for showing a little personality. Today’s social media driven consumers want to know who they are doing business with and what your company is all about.

Every website should have an “About Us” page. You can use a lot of the same text (though we recommend mixing up the wording a little) on your social media pages, Google page and other online listings. Now, the page¬†doesn’t need to be titled “About Us.” It could be “Our Story,” “The History of [insert company name here]” or something else along those lines. Whatever you title it, it should be a nice overview of your company, a brief history, an introduction to any key owners or management, and some philosophy on the way your company approaches business.

Let’s look at each of these components individually:

  1. Company Overview

This is as straightforward as it sounds. You want to introduce what your company does. What kind of products do you sell? What kinds of services do you offer? Where are you located? A consumer is visiting your site to find out more about you. Most of this core information (products, services, etc.) will be found throughout your website and you will want to get your primary points across wherever possible. So naturally, what you do should also be a key element of your “About” page.

2. Company History

This section may be more in depth for some companies because not everybody has a long history. The longer you’ve been in business, the more you should expand on this part of your story. Talk about how the company started (and who it was started by, if relevant). Discuss any product/service evolution that has been made over the years. Just tell a nice story about the roots of your company and how it has grown into what it is today.

For those newer companies with less of a history to speak of, you can still add a lot of credibility to your business by discussing how the company started, who started it and why.

3. Company Leaders

This section should flow naturally from the history of the company. In many cases (especially small businesses), the person or people who started the business are still the key players today. Otherwise, there may be key people in management that need to be highlighted. Whoever you talk about, provide a brief introduction. Talk about their roles within the company and their professional backgrounds as they related to your business. By showing who the key players are in your company, it will help consumers better relate to your business.

4. Company Philosophy

This is where featuring company leaders will help. It’s always easier for a consumer to digest a sales or service philosophy when embodied by a person who represents the organization. Including some quotes from the leaders is a good approach.

Beyond that, you want to showcase what the company is all about. What do you stand for? What is your approach to sales, service or product manufacturing? How do you help your customers? If you have a slogan, this is a good time to explain what it means and why you use it. If you have a mission statement, you can also share that.

When you cover these four primary bases, you will have a more effective and powerful “About Us” page. You will have given consumers a positive feeling about your company and ultimately it will help them feel more comfortable in doing business with you. Also, the content will be good for SEO, especially if you incorporate some key words and phrases throughout the page.

If you have more questions about how to write a better “About Us” page for your small business, or if you’d like our help in writing a custom story for your company, contact NextGear Marketing today. We’d love to help you share your story!