Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Web Content?

Most of the time, I find that small business websites do not have enough content. To be competitive and improve the chances of customers finding you, you need well-crafted content and plenty of it added regularly. That’s why people hire NextGear Marketing for custom web content and blogging.

However, I often get asked by clients if there is such a thing as too much web content? Talk about a loaded question!

Quality vs. Quantity

First, it’s important to understand the purposes behind your web content. There are many reasons why content is king, but two stand out. First, there is SEO. Second, is customer engagement. Both are vital, and both are impacted to varying degrees by quality and quantity.

From an SEO standpoint, search engines value a lot of content. At the same time, the algorithms and techniques they implement get more sophisticated every day. The quality of your content is increasingly important. They value well-written content, unique content and fresh content, along with the SEO tags, page titles, meta descriptions and keywords integrated into the content.

What is Fresh Content?

The idea of fresh content is a good one to focus on. Some web developers will load up a site with a ton of content at the beginning, but then nothing is ever added or changed. The site might be overwhelming with just too much going on. You certainly want to start with an ample amount of quality content relevant to your business, but then build upon it naturally. Regularly add to your site, make strategic edits to existing content or start a blog, which is the perfect way to keep adding dynamic web content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly.

When it comes to your visitors, whether they are prospects or existing customers, you don’t want the quantity of content to feel overwhelming. The site needs to be easy to navigate and the individual pages/posts should be concise. Provide the information needed and work in the SEO stuff without writing a book on every page. Above all else, the content needs to be well-written and provide valuable information/insight that will capture their interest and spark a response.

So, How Much is Too Much?

To sum up, it’s hard to say what is considered “too much” content. Most small businesses will never encounter such a concern. The important thing to remember is that quality comes first, but quantity is still important. Find a balance of both when you start your site and then put your focus on frequency of adding new content on a regular basis. This will give you a more effective content approach.

To learn more about managing your web content or starting a blog campaign, contact NextGear Marketing today for a free web content review and consultation.

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