Blogging Gives You a Lot of Content without it Seeming Like Too Much Content

Have you ever been to a website and were immediately turned off because it just seemed like there was too much going on? Every page you look at has thousands of words of content. The navigation is complicated and confusing with a lot of links or pull-downs. It’s so overwhelming that you don’t even want to look at it any further.

SEO Overcorrection

This is a common problem thanks to SEO philosophy. Web developers went from branding-based websites where the design was most important to content-based sites where the design took a back seat. In other words, they overcorrected their approach by taking a user-friendly site and overloaded it with too much content.

Like a lot of strategies we discuss here on the NextGear Marketing Blog, finding a good balance is the key. You still want your site to look nice and be easy to navigate. It should also be mobile/tablet friendly. At the same time, it should include ample amounts of content on different subjects relating to your business brand message, your products/services and your industry in general. So, how do you find this balance?

One really effective answer is blogging.

More Content, Less Overwhelming

Blogging gives you the opportunity to add a ton of content on a wide variety of different topics without it seem like too much. It doesn’t bog down your navigation or any individual pages because the content is spread out over the different blog posts.

Blogging also allows you to add fresh content to your website on a frequent basis. From a long-term SEO standpoint, it is better to have new, dynamic content added regularly than a bunch of static content all at once (content that then never changes).

Developing Followers

Last but not least, your blog will give site visitors a reason to keep coming back. If they know new content is being posted every week, they will want to stay up-to-date. They may bookmark your blog, subscribe to it or follow you on social media so they see links when new blog articles are posted.

Blogging gives you new content, fresh content, in-depth content and relevant content. When you add it all up, you actually get better SEO over time and more opportunities for customer conversion. So don’t overload your site with too much content when you launch it. Use blogging to add more and more content over the long run and you will see the impact it has.

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