B2B Case Studies: Your Business Blog’s Best Friend

In the past, we’ve talked about how to write a great customer testimonial post. Case studies are very similar in nature, but a more in-depth B2B approach to consider when blogging if your business provides products and/or services to other businesses.

A case study is a detailed article that shows the process and highlights the results. Research for a case study is typically more in-depth than a customer testimonial blog post, as we would want to gather information and insight from everyone involved. A good case study would likely include quotes from the customer and maybe from a representative at your company, as well. These are always nice to include whenever you can because they help show a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Otherwise, a case study breaks down to three main elements:

1. The Problem

The client had a specific problem or need. Describe it and show their situation prior to working with your company. Include a paragraph or two simply explaining what this other company does (how long they’ve been in business, what they do, owner/manager names, etc.).

2. The Solution

The solution is whatever products and/or services that you provided the customer. If talking about products purchased, describe the products, what they are used for and the quality behind them. If it’s services that were provided, explain the process from beginning to end and highlight specific details of all services performed. These details are key for SEO because there may be someone out there searching for something that specific.

3. The Results

After products were purchased/used or services were performed, what were the end results for the business on the other end? Were they more efficient? Were their customers happier? Were they able to be more profitable? Whatever the end result is, tell the reader all about it.

When written well, a case study will be one of your business blog’s best friends. They work on so many levels. They show positive relationships between you and your clients. They highlight specific product and service features. They describe the benefits of your products/services, with results in real-life applications.

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