Defining Your Marketing Duties

This week, I was called in for jury duty. It’s something nobody looks forward to and most people try to find a way to get out of, but it is a responsibility we all face as adult members of our society.

Ultimately, my summons was much ado about nothing. I showed up at the courthouse and was dismissed immediately because the case had already settled out of court. Still, I showed up anyway because it was my civic duty.

The brief experience made me think of the concept of duty, especially as it relates to small business marketing. Do your marketing duties have defined roles? Do you have the people and resources in place to accomplish all the necessary duties? How can you be better at getting all these important marketing duties done efficiently and effectively?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most vital marketing duties/roles that you need to account for. Whether they are all done by one person, spread out across various team members internally or shopped out to marketing service specialists, you want these duties to be covered. If you get lax or ignore these marketing activities, you lose out on great opportunities to grow your business.

Marketing Manager

Somebody in your company needs to assume the role as marketing manager. This is the person who oversees marketing strategy, budget and execution. Every construction site needs a good foreman to supervise and organize the work being done. The marketing manager essentially fills this same role with a specific oversight of marketing activities.

Media Planner/Buyer

A marketing plan and budget are set, so someone has to be responsible for spending the money effectively. Media planning and buying are very technical (and actually different) roles that need to be covered for an effective marketing campaign.

Creative Director

Much like a marketing manager, but even more focused on a specific objective, a creative director is there to oversee the creative aspects of a marketing campaign. They make sure the brand message is being conveyed properly and defined marketing objectives are being achieved.


You need a good copywriter to effectively communicate brand messages, sales points and other key information in any marketing materials being developed.

Graphic Designer

Whereas the copywriter is focused on content, the graphic designer is responsible for creating the visual components of your marketing campaign.

Web Developer

Web development is a very specialized and important role in today’s marketing world. You need someone (or a whole web development company) who is well-versed on creating, hosting and maintaining your company’s website.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is so important these days, and it is a very specialized skill. If you really want to maximize your online presence, SEO needs to be a major priority.


Blogging is a specialized type of writing that requires a different skillset than a typical marketing copywriter. Also, someone needs to be devoted to your business blog content to make sure things get posted regularly. It can’t just be a “we’ll get to it when we get to it” duty.

Social Media Expert

Any business not fully integrated into social media is missing out on a huge opportunity in today’s ultra-connected world. A social media expert will take your business to the next level.

There are other specialized marketing duties that you may want to define for your specific business or company configuration, but these are some of the most important roles you’ll want to have covered. Doing it all by yourself can be extremely daunting and hiring extra full-time employees can be beyond your budget. That’s why many small businesses turn to specialized service providers like NextGear Marketing for help with certain marketing duties.

Our specialty is blogging for small businesses, though we can also help with any copywriting, web content, SEO and graphic design services you require. Contact NextGear Marketing today for more information and to set up a no-obligation marketing review.