5 Tips to Increase Your Business Blog Followers

What good is a business blog if nobody reads it? Well, you can easily argue that SEO is the main reason to have a blog because it gives you strong depth of searchable content and ensures fresh content is added to your site regularly. These are very important points and are more than enough to justify having a blog for your business.

However, you still want engaging content that attracts more readers and helps convert them into loyal customers. Here are some tips to increase your blog following:

1. Write Engaging Content

Even if you blog is purely for SEO gains, you still want the content to be engaging. What is engaging? It may be informative, helpful, insightful or interesting—ideally all of the above. It attracts the attention of the reader and makes them feel good about your business.

2. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your blog posts need to be integrated with optimized keywords, meta descriptions, URLs, tags, categories, inbound/outbound/internal links and other elements that will improve the SEO appeal. Someone may be searching for a specific topic online and you want to increase your chances of that article coming up in their inquiry. Once they’ve read one blog article of yours, there is at least a chance they will come back for more.

3. Make Your Website Appealing

Your blog is part of your website and you want the site itself to be visually appealing, easy-to-navigate and content-rich. These strategies and the quality of the blog itself will give a reason for site visitors to keep coming back for more news and information.

4. Integrate with Social Media

When you have a strong social media following, it will greatly improve the readership of your blog. Use your social media channels to share links to each blog article. You’ll see likes and shares that show you positive blog traffic and also help with SEO rankings.

5. Advertise and Boost Blog Posts

If you have a really compelling post that you know potential customers will relate to, boost it on social media, run a social media ad or run a pay-per-click (PPC) ad through Google. It’s another way to boost traffic to one specific blog post while potentially getting more regular blog followers.

When you follow these simple steps, you will see more visitors to your blog and you will convert more of those visitors into regular blog followers. More blog followers mean more potential customers building a relationship with your brand, and that’s obviously a very good thing.

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