How Often Should You Post a Blog?

We get asked all the time how often we recommend running new blog posts. There are definitely some different theories and opinions out there. It partly depends on the size of your company and the level of exposure you are trying to create.

What you certainly do not want to do is start a blog and then do nothing with it. Maybe you are really active at first, and then it becomes less of a priority. Before long, you are rarely posting anything—or nothing at all. This is not good. If you start a blog, commit to it and make time to keep it current with fresh content. Or, designate the task to an employee. You can also hire a professional blogging company like NextGear Marketing, and then you won’t have to worry about a thing (hint, hint).

So, how often should you post? At the bare minimum, we suggest every other week is acceptable. It’s not ideal, but it is the least you should be doing.

The most popular blogging package we offer includes a 300-500 word blog once a week. In fact, at NextGear Marketing we practice what we preach and aim to post a new blog every single week. If you really want to amp things up, then you will want to consider posting twice a week. This can really boost the amount of dynamic content on your website, improve your SEO standings and increase organic web traffic. The most aggressive small companies will be posting twice a week without fail.

Basically, once every other week is okay. Once a week is great. And, twice a week is really powerful. That then begs the question, should you be posting something every single day or maybe every couple of days? Sure, you could do that and it would generate a ton of fresh content for your site. However, there is a point where it becomes overkill and most small businesses just won’t see enough of a difference to make it worth all the time and effort it takes to write and post something new that often.

Part of what makes blogging so impactful for small businesses is that it’s a way to connect with consumers. Whether you are sharing news about your company, featuring employees or simply sharing information about your services, you want to engage your regular readers while attracting new ones. You’ll be sharing your blog posts on your social media pages, as well. If there’s too much for someone to keep up with, they’ll lose interest and too many posts could easily work against you.

Blogging shouldn’t be a grind, but it does take a definite effort to keep running effectively. If you are doing it yourself, budget an hour or two each week (put it on your calendar) and keep a running list of article ideas.

We hope you find this article helpful. For more information about blogging services for your small business, contact NextGear Marketing today for a free consultation.