7 SEO Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is not only a good way to stay engaged with your customers and social media followers. In fact, you could say its biggest benefit is helping with search engine optimization (SEO). Your business blog will give you a way to add lots of targeted, relevant content to your site on a regular basis.

Let’s look at some of the specific SEO benefits of blogging:

1. Quantity of Content

There’s no doubt that the quantity of content you have on your website will boost SEO appeal. Doing regular blog posts will increase the amount of good content that you have without it seeming like too much all at once.

2. Quality of Content

The quality of writing and the relevance of the content on your site is becoming more and more important when it comes to SEO rankings. Search engine algorithms get more sophisticated with each passing day. When you have well-written blog content, it will improve your organic reach.

3. Frequency of Content

It is better to regularly add new content to your site compared to putting it all up at once. You may see a spike in your rankings if you upload a ton of content at the same time, but then it becomes stagnant and your rankings will ultimately tumble. Your blog allows you to continually add new, fresh content and that’s great for SEO.

4. Titles, Tags and Descriptions

Most blog editors will allow you to add search tags, custom titles, custom URLs and meta descriptions. This will enable you to incorporate a lot of back-end SEO elements without detracting from the quality of the actual blog articles.

5. Relevant Information and Topics

One great thing about blogging is you can focus each article on specific topics, news or information relating to different parts of your business. People may be searching for specific information and they will likely find your article if it is relevant to their search.

6. Links

Be sure and include links within each blog article. You can use internal links to other pages/articles on your site. You can incorporate external links to source articles and information. Lastly, you can put links to your article on all your social media channels. All of these links will boost your SEO.

7. Social Media Integration

Your blog articles should be shared and discussed on all of your social media channels. This kind of activity will also improve your SEO.

These are just some of the advantages of blogging specifically related to your SEO rankings. There are many other benefits and reasons why you should have a regular blog for your business. To learn more about business blogging with NextGear Marketing, contact us today.