Web Content is Not a “Set it and Forget It” Activity

Remember those old informercials by Ron Popeil? Everybody shouted “set it and forget it” when he closes the door on the rotisserie oven. Sure, it was a catchy marketing hook. That’s the power of a good slogan or tagline.

Well, “set it and forget it” was a good marketing concept, but it is not a good philosophy to follow when considering your actual marketing activity. By “activity” I mean how you get your brand message and consumer calls-to-action out there. You never do something once and forget about it. Any marketing plan requires constant activity, follow-up and adjustments to be most effective.

Nowhere is this more true than in your web content, which you need to consider as part of your company’s active marketing strategy.

You may spend weeks (or likely months) having all the content for your website crafted. It will be loaded with keywords and tagged for SEO. It could be the greatest content ever written by anyone in your industry.

Then you launch the website and wait for something to happen. You check Google and hope that your business name rises up in the rankings. You may get a boost for a short period of time, but then you hit the ceiling. You may even start to go backwards.

But why? Your site content was excellent.

The problem may be that your site content has gone stagnant. You set it and you forgot it, and eventually the search engines will forget your site because nothing new is happening. A good portion of SEO is activity. Your site needs to have fresh, “dynamic” content added regularly.

Here are some ways to accomplish this:

  1. Periodic Edits – Make it a point every quarter or at least every six months to go through your entire site and make some strategic edits and additions. You don’t have to rewrite everything, but make some changes and you will see some impact.
  2. New Pages – Look for opportunity to add new pages to feature different products, services, news and information. This is a great way to add fresh content.
  3. Blogging – There is absolutely no better way to add new content to your site regularly than having a blog and writing new articles on a frequent basis. It’s the ideal way to keep adding content without overloading the main site with too much information.
  4. Reviews/Testimonials – Set up a customer reviews page. You can manually add reviews from various sources, set up feeds from Yelp and other sources, or set up a survey page that allows customers to write reviews that show up directly on the page. This is fresh content that is usually positive, and it adds credibility with third-party endorsement of your products/services.
  5. News Feed – You can set up a news feed or generic blog feed from other sources relating to your industry. Just remember this content is not unique to your site and the links will take them away from your page. Still, it is new content and it can help on some levels.
  6. Social Media Feeds – Set up feeds that show all your social media posts directly on your website. Only do this if you are appropriately active on social media, though.

These are just a few easy ideas you can implement to keep your website content fresh and SEO-friendly. The important thing to remember is to make an effort to keep updating and adding to your existing content in any way possible. Never “set it and forget it.” Stay proactive and you will see the difference.

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